Karen is very pleasant to work with and brought out the best for our book with her patience. She was compassionate and stuck with it to the end!

- Corliss and Mel Erickson, Living the Call

Karen is not just a writer. She put me at ease to open my heart and then went to work as an artist painting a beautiful story. She is a master at her craft and took the messiness of my life story and molded it into perfection to pull at the heart strings of many.

Cathryn Brinkman, “The Unexpected Gift”

Karen’s honest insights, wisdom and humor keep you coming back for more. She shares her views in ways that are poignant and direct, compelling the reader to join in her journey.

Noelle Cablay, Pieces of Sky

Karen was a great help to us and easy to work with. If you are looking to write a book, I recommend Karen to assist you.

- Darrell Beebe, Darkness Before Dawn

Karen has the incredible skill of eloquently turning life’s trials into testimonies through her notable gift of writing. Carefully crafting each word, she captures every detail of a story and presents it in an authentic, compelling and inspirational style.

- Christy Wilson, “Running Shoes”

Karen captured exactly what our business is about. We noticed she has wonderful writing skills. She really should be writing for The New York Times.

- Eileen Riviere, owner of Uncorked Wine Bar, Rancho Santa Margarita

Karen’s writing skills are superior. She worked hard and researched to bring a historical perspective to capture a reader’s interest, plus offered interesting regional information that was even new to me.

- Delia Berakat, He Knew My Name

Karen is a great partner and a joy to work with.

- Pat Johnson, Through a Child’s Eyes

Karen is a massive talent and a gift to anyone who makes the incredible choice to work with her. In my 16 years of running a successful company, I can say she is one of the most genuine people I’ve worked with.

- Jason Davis, Your Love Pursues

Karen was the perfect fit for my book. She listened to my story, asked the right questions, put it in writing and helped me follow through to the end. I’ve gained so much by this, but most notably I’ve gained her friendship. She is a true and honest person.

- Barb Sykes, The Face Behind The Easel

I was so impressed with Karen’s professionalism and willingness to answer all my questions. She has helped make the dream of writing my life story come true!

- Naomi Gibbs, The Beauty of Success