Writing Services

This is the important stuff. You want to know what I can do, and I want to know how I can help you. Here are a few things I do:


Website Copy

This includes professional bios, web content and blogs. Whether looking for some one-time help or regular services, I can be of assistance.

Ghost Writing

A ghost writer is simply someone who helps write a story or book. The storyteller may be starting from scratch, or they may simply need some guidance on material they’ve already written. Either way, this is where I come in.

Copy Editing

If you’ve written a book or web material and need a copy editor, I’m your girl. I take what you have, organize, polish, check for grammar and make sure all your words flow. No need to fret if your stuff is a mess. I can pretty it up.


Now, I suppose you want to know how much this will cost. For ghost written books, I charge per project. For editing services and website copy, I charge per hour. If you’d like a quote, I’d love to discuss your unique project and put together a plan.

Questions? Please contact me today! I’d love to talk to you and help you write the right words!