About Me



I’m Karen.

I grew up in Chico, California, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Chico State University. After moving to Southern California, I taught high school English before launching my freelance writing career. Over the past decade, I’ve written hundreds of stories for people all over the world. I’ve ghost written and edited several books, two which won an Illumination Award. My work has also appeared in two Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I’ve worked with a variety of storytellers and clients, from pastors to psychologists to pageant queens and music industry moguls. I also penned my own column for a local online newspaper, featuring business owners’ stories. As a lifelong teller of stories, I consider each experience more than just another gig. I consider it a privilege.

When not writing, I spend time telling stories and sharing words with my friends over coffee. Having somehow not discovered coffee until middle age, I am now making up for lost time, visiting unique coffee shops all over the West Coast. I believe coffee is more than just a drink in a cup. It is a little piece of magic designed to make us happy. I am convinced it should be served with plenty of creamer (salted caramel mocha anyone?) and just a dollop of whipped cream.

If not writing or drinking coffee, I can be found hanging out with my four teenage (ish) children. Being a mom of teens is weird. You’re like Alice of The Brady Bunch, always there to make the sandwiches and clean up the kitchen and dole out well-meaning advice. Yet you don’t get paid a red cent. And you sometimes get The Look. If you haven’t experienced The Look, you probably don’t have teens.

I could tell you more about me, but I think I’ve said just enough. As a writer, my job is to learn about YOU. That said, I hope we might connect. I’d love to help you write the right words as you tell your story to the world!